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Reward strategy

We can help you to create and implement a total reward strategy and framework that sets out how you reward your employees or audit an existing strategy to check that it is meeting your organisation’s needs and will continue to support the business as it evolves.


Pay Benchmarking


We can help you benchmark your salaries against the market and identify any gaps or provide advice on salary ranges for hiring.

Pay Structures


We can work with you to create a pay structure that enables you to manage salaries within a consistent, cost effective and fair framework that is aligned to the market.  The pay structure can be used in conjunction with performance management to better align pay to performance.


Job evaluation

Job evaluation brings a robust structure to your organisation design and to how you categorise jobs within your company.  A job levelling framework is key to underpin your reward strategy and framework.  We can assess your roles using one of the propriety methodologies or create a bespoke system for your organisation.

Pay review

We can support you to plan and implement your salary review.  Using our knowledge of the market we will recommend pay awards and support you through the implementation process.


Bonus Schemes

We can help you design and implement bonus and commission schemes to incentivise and drive performance, or audit existing plans to check whether they are meeting your company’s goals and driving the right behaviours and performance.

Performance Management

We can help you to design and implement an effective performance management process and or system. Working with you we will ensure that your performance management process is aligned with your reward strategy.

Pensions and Benefits


We can work with you to identify the right benefits package for your organisation and tailor this by level.  Working with our brokers we can provide you with comprehensive quotes for Private Medical Insurance, Group Income Protection, Pensions, Life Assurance and a wide range of other benefits. We can also work with you to select and implement a pension scheme and ensure you are a meeting auto enrolment and other legislative and tax requirements.  We can also benchmark your existing benefits against the market.


To find out more about our other services:


We provide bespoke support to organisations who want to put the HR basics in place from auto enrolment to contracts and policies


We provide advice and support to put in place a payroll for your employees or a new HR System

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